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Whose gadgets does my insurance cover?

You can choose to cover gadgets owned either by the employee of the company, the employee and their partner/spouse or the employee and immediate family. .

Immediate family is defined as “mother, father, mother in law, father in law, partner and the employee or partner’s natural, adopted or fostered sons and daughters who permanently reside with the employee”. Most of our policies have an age limit for sons and daughters of 18 but you should check your policy wording available through your employer for full information.

Precisely which gadgets are covered by your insurance is set out on the schedule in the full certificate wording which your employer is required to make available to you. This generally includes MP3 Players, iPods, DVD Players, iPads, Hand Held Games Consoles, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, iPhones, PDAs, Laptops, Tablets, Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Satellite Navigation Devices, E-Readers, Camera Lenses, In-Car Computers. Head / Ear Phones.