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How do I prove my insurance to the authorities?

There are only a handful of countries that require visitors to hold travel insurance.  The authorities will want to see the full policy wording available from your employer. No other country will be interested in your insurance position.

The only other situation in which you will be asked to show you have travel insurance is on a VISA APPLICATION. You will be required to produce the full policy wording available from your employer.

In both of these cases the authorities will accept the company policy your employer is required to make available to you. This document alone, usually available on an intranet, is sufficient for both above purposes. You simply tell the authorities that you are covered by your company policy and this, possibly with evidence of your employment, will be sufficient.

If you require HOSPITAL TREATMENT ABROAD you will NOT be required to produce any insurance documents to receive medical treatment. You will be required to either produce a method of payment or ensure that the insurer, through the 24 hour assistance company shown in the policy, is able to establish a contractual relationship between the insurer and hospital to pay for treatment directly. Hospitals will never give you free treatment on the basis of evidence of insurance alone.