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Can I nominate beneficiaries in the event of my death?

There is no provision within this insurance for you to nominate a beneficiary. There is no guaranteed payout here. Payment will be made on your death if this is a result of a qualifying accident as defined and all other terms of the policy are met.

If you die intestate (without a will) then the courts will appoint an administrator who will ensure that your estate receives all money due and will allocate this according to his understanding of the situation. If you make a will then you can state your wishes and these will be carried through by the executors you appoint.

The death benefit is not taxable at source. Whether your estate, and therefore any amounts received from this insurance, will attract tax and whether this can be avoided is not a matter on which we can give advice. You should discuss this with your legal and financial advisers.

We recommend that you secure a copy of the full policy wording through your employer so that you are aware of the full terms and conditions of the insurance.