Accident Health Life & Specialty

The Accident Health Life & Specialty Team specialises in providing cover for all types of groups. Business is derived from all around the globe and placed on an insurance or reinsurance basis.

With proven specialist knowledge we have developed internal underwriting agreements with insurers for many different risks in different areas of our business. In addition to this, the team also supports the many programmes and facilities that we have established for our network of agents to market to their customer base.

Complementing the team’s ability to provide Accident & Health cover for standard risks is their desire and enthusiasm to work closely with clients and insurers to provide unique solutions for large and unusual risks and ensure client satisfaction.

Categories of business are:

  • Personal Accident and Illness
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Credit Cards
  • Assistance
  • Expatriates
  • Loss of licence
  • Life

Your dedicated team:

  • Carol Beecham Sewell
  • Dan Penny
  • Sandra Aquilina
  • Sara Tolley
  • Merle Holley
  • Christopher Ford
  • Anna Wright-Hicks
  • Jack Norwick

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Classes of business covered under Accident & Health