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Can I add new people to my insurance?

Most of our policies will allow you to elect to cover your spouse, permanant partner (as defined), and dependant children. You should refer to the rules of the scheme, the policy or your HR department for specific information on this. You cannot insure other members of your family or friends with us on this scheme and should visit the products area of this site for details of how these can be insured elsewhere.

The decisions as to levels of cover must be taken when you elect into the scheme. Only in very specific circumstances can you make changes to the insurance. The insurance documentation sets out those circumstances in which you can add or remove people, known as lifestyle changes. If you marry or have a new child during the insurance then the scheme may allow you to add them – please refer to your HR department where you need to do this.

As a general rule, you cannot add a person simply because you chose to or forgot to include them in the first place. It is therefore wise to make sure you select the right level of cover in the first place.